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Toyota Innova Hycross leaks explained check launch date in india and specs

Toyota Innova Hycross leaks explained check launch date in india and specs

All the automobile companies are just chasing each other and making the competition tough. Although, only two types of cars are selling in the market one is SUV and another is electric. However, hybrid cars are also in the trend and almost all the big brands are introducing their best out of best from the latest segments. Amid the competition the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation teased its latest Toyota Innova Hycross. However, the brand will introduce the latest SUV in Indonesia as ‘Zenix’ on November 21st, while in India the brand will lift the veil from the car on 25th of November 2022. However, it has said by the officials that the car will go live on sale somewhere in 2023.

Although, Toyota is yet to announce Innova Hycross’ features and specs officially but still internet is speculated with some highlights that will help you to to assume what else special you all are going to see in the upgraded Toyota Innova. There is no doubt that car lovers always stay keen to know about latest technology and sometimes they predict on their own that creates buzz. The same thing happened recently, when a news leaked about upcoming Innova Hycros, where people started assuming about its specs. So, shooting your excitement down we would like to illuminate some major points about new Innova Hycros.

Panaromic Sunroof

Toyota Innova Hycross Highlights

  • Panaromic Sunroof
  • Redesigned Multi-Layered Dashboard
  • Upgraded Design Of Steering Wheel
  • Dashboard-Mounted Gear Lever Console
  • 360° Camera & Wireless Charging
  • LED DRLs On Front Grille
  • 2.4 Litre Diesel Motor & 2.7-Litre Petrol Motor

However, as we said above the the brand is yet to announce the features and specs officially and whatever we wrote is all basis on the online sources and what people are talking on the social media. Well, as there is said that there would be a 2.4 Litre Diesel Motor and 2.7-Litre Petrol Motor so on the basis of this we can say that the Innova Hycross may come with with two fuel options as well.

Another interesting thing that can attract your sight is, Toyota has currently paused the bookings for Innova Crysta and it is strongly indicating that Toyota perhaps making space for the new Innova Hycross so that all the exciter buyers will redirect to the latest one instead of Crysta. Well, there is much more to search about and until it is not confirming officially anything expecting and assuming won’t be a exactly good thing. So, stay in the loop to catch more updates about wheel world.

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