Maruti’s Top 10 Selling Cars In May 2023! Hyundai & Tata Continue To Chase

Maruti's Top 10 Selling Cars In May 2023

Maruti’s Top 10 Selling Cars In May 2023, In the Indian automobile market, there is no doubt that no one can give a competition to the Maruti. Well, the brand is not only the leading car maker but is also the top car-selling company in the nation, and that too with gripping the first rank for a very long time. Now, recently the brand achieved another milestone where Maruti left behind all the other top-selling cars with its Baleno and newly launched Maruti Fronx. However, there is no doubt that in the Indian market no one can lose the grip of the Maruti, and the brand also never leaves any stone unturned to prove it.

Today, if you are will look at the sales report, then no doubt that the result can shock you. Despite a price rise still the Indian automotive industry has witnessed quite positive growth in the past couple of months. Now, if we talk about the top most selling cars then there are a total of 15 cars that got the tag of highest-selling cars in May 2023. However, out of 15, a total of 11 cars crossed the 10,000-unit sales mark. Surprisingly, out of these 11, 10 cars were from Maruti only. So, this is the report that brought a quite big gap in the race to sell more numbers of cars from each brand.

Maruti’s Top-Selling Cars In May 2023

So, if we talk about the top-selling cars in May 2023 then only Maruti, Tata, Hyundai, and Mahindra are the names that you will see ever in every existing competition of sales. Now, when it comes to talking about the sales report of Maruti then from Baleno to Grand Vitara Maruti seems unstoppable in the race. Well, here are the cars from Maruti that got sold at a very amazing figure that can easily steal your sight and can force you to check features.

  1. Maruti Baleno – 18,733
  2. Maruti Swift  – 17,346
  3. Maruti Wagon R  – 16,258
  4. Maruti Brezza  – 13,398
  5. Maruti Eeco  – 12,818
  6. Maruti Dzire – 11,315
  7. Maruti Ertiga – 10,528
  8. Maruti Fronx – 9,863
  9. Maruti Alto – 9,368
  10. Maruti Grand Vitara – 8,877

However, Mahindra’s Scorpio is the only one that is currently keeping the brand alive in the competition, and apart from this, there is no one to enter the race. Apart from Mahindra when it comes to talking about other brands then Hyundai managed to sell its two cars that are Hyundai Creta & Venue. Followed by the race there comes Tata Motos which is gripping the competition of selling more units, where the brand sold Tata Nexon’s 14,423 units and its Tata Punch whose 11,124 units were sold in May 2023.

Lately, Hyundai was the second company after Maruti to become the most selling cars. However, keeping the competition alive Tata Motors have taken over the 2nd rank and have now gripped the Hyndai’s position in the table. Although the competition will remain alive, we can say that Maruti will not let anyone come on the 1st rank ever. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest and trending news in the automobile world and also to know the newly launched cars in the Indian and global markets.

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