Hero Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus Price & Specifications

Hero Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus

Have you heard about Hero’s electric scooters in India? Yes, Indian multinational motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Hero MotoCorp is all set to bring its new or better say first ever electric scooter range that launched recently. The 2w company is all set to sell the units of its premium e-scooters named as Hero Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus. It was always the talk of the town that people were searching for this brand’s EV. So, now that the brand has announced the beginning of online bookings, the news has created a buzz where people have been asking about so many things. So, read down to know everything you are searching for on the internet.

There is no doubt that Hero is the only company that has been gripping the Indian 2-wheeler market for more than a decade and the company never leaves any stone unturned to attract buyers. Hero has begun the bookings of its Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro and buyers can directly visit the official home website of Hero to book their favorite model. According to the sources, the company began selling these super amazing electric scooters in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Jaipur ahead of selling in other locations in the nation, as they first want to see the market response in these 3 cities. Before talking about the pricing and other news surfacing on the web about scooters, here are the major features you should have a look at.

Hero Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus Price & Specifications

Hero Vida V1 Plus Specs & features

  • 6000 Watts – Motor
  • 143 KM – Driving Range
  • 5 Hours 15 Minutes – Battery Charging Time
  • 3.44 kWh – Battery Capacity
  • 3 Years, 30000 km – Battery Warranty

Well, no doubt that the Vida V1 plus is amazing compared to other electric scooters in the market. Hero is so sure about its scooter that is the major reason, the brand is giving many features in it. However, apart from the above features, you will get to see some more specs that will make you feel over the moon while riding this scooter. The Vida V1 Plus gets fast charging along with all digital meters and that too with Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.


The rider can start with a remote and push the button as it is a Remote Start, Push Button Start concept. In the Vida V1 Plus, the scooter gets 2 batteries for more power and a longer riding range. Now, coming to its price so the scooter is priced at Rs.1,45,000 (Ex-Showroom).

Hero Vida V1 Pro Specs & features

  • 5 Hours 55 Minutes – Charging Time
  • 165 km/charge – Riding Range
  • 3.94 kWh – Battery Capacity
  • 80 km – Top Speed
  • 3 Years, 30000 km – Battery Warranty
  • 6000 Watts – Motor Power

The Vida V1 Pro gets almost everything the same as compared to Vida V1 Plus. However, there are some features that are quite different from the Plus version. Talking about the major difference between V1 Pro & Plus, so, in V1 Plus the charging time is 5 Hours 15 Minutes to be fully charged whereas in the Pro you will get to see 5 Hours 55 Minutes to get charged completely, well it is because V1 Pro gives more power and riding range that is why the battery takes much longer time to get charged completely.


Except for the driving range, everything remains the same as V1 Plus such as 7 Inch, TFT, Touchscreen, 26-liter under-seat storage, and so on. Despite giving bit changes in the Pro version the brand has priced the Vida V1 Pro at Rs.1,59,000 (Ex-showroom).

Well, as the brand has finally brought its electric segment into the Indian market so, it is expected that it will grip the market too as Hero’s Splendor plus and other 2-wheelers. Now, when the competition is already at its peak seeing this is going to be so amazing that how will Hero’s electric vehicle grip and target the audience because already they have set the price high. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on all upcoming news and updates from the world of wheels.

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