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Why Mahindra & Honda discontinuing these cars, read here

Why Mahindra & Honda discontinuing these cars, read here

Hey, car lovers! are you making up your mind to buy a new car in 2023? Well, if yes, then we would like to tell you something very important that will help you. However, it can be possible that you may need to add some more money to your budget because some of the big car manufacturing brands Mahindra and Honda are planning to discontinue their certain cars. So, here you will get to know about those cars, about to discontinue. Another thing is, the report is based on online sources, so, read it completely and check if your wished car will discontinue or not.

Well, it is not hidden from anyone that the automobile industry is currently facing difficulties in launching or shifting from BS4 to BS6. Another big thing about shifting engine quality is to let people know that the forthcoming technology would be costly but well worth it. Apart from this, a lot of diesel engines had to be stopped as they didn’t live up to the expectations and meet the needed emission standards. The biggest car manufacturer in the nation has shifted its entire portfolio to petrol-only and stopped the diesel engine and that too including its recently launched 1.5L DDIS 320. Before talking about the reasons here is the list of the cars that won’t come out of the showroom by the end of April 2023.

Mahindra & Honda’s Discontinued Cars

However, these cars successfully passed the 1st phase but it is not hidden that these 8 cars will be out from the brochure of Honda & Mahindra, and it will happen if there would be less demand for these cars. Well, here are the 8 cars that will no longer be seen on Indian roads.

  • Honda Jazz
  • Honda WR-V
  • Honda Amaze Diesel
  • Honda 4th Gen City
  • Honda 5th Gen Diesel
  • Mahindra Alturas G4
  • Mahindra Marazzo
  • Mahindra KUV100

While the above-mentioned brands are stopping one and two models from their individual arrangements, Mahindra is dropping three models from its setup and Honda is dropping five models, which is exceptionally disturbing. Mahindra will be left with seven vehicles to offer, while Honda will be left with only two.

Honda Will Discontinue 5 Cars

Honda will hatchet Jazz, WR-V, fourth Gen City, Flabbergast diesel, and fifth-gen City Diesel. Both Jazz and WR-V were toward the finish of their particular life cycles. Despite the fact that fourth-era Jazz is sold abroad, India never got it. Jazz had lost its diesel powertrain and was just presented in a petroleum choice attributable to the prominence of petroleum motors with premium hatchbacks.

Now, the main thing that a lot of people are searching for online is, why honda is discontinuing these cars. Well, the main reason is its performance because the sale of WR-V and Honda Jazz didn’t live up to the expectations in the terms of their sales. Both of the cars were introduced in diesel trim but despite the fact, people didn’t like the concept or somehow the sales of these cars were not going as per the expectations.

Mahindra Will Discontinue 3 Cars

The same thing was seen with Mahindra’s KUV100 & Marazzo, despite being equipped with some amazing features along with diesel engines the 2 units were not sold as they should happen. Despite having a low market demand (almost zero), Mahindra kept the Marazzo & KUV100 on sale. But finally the brand has got to know that these cars won’t keep the competition high but will lose the battle against rivals. Now, from April 2023 Mahindra will also take its 3 cars back from the market. Stay tuned with us to read more about the all trending news from the automobile industry.

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