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What Type Of Car Modifications Are Legal & Can Be Done In Car In India?

What Type Of Car Modifications Are Legal & Can Be Done In Car In India?

Have you ever wondered about the legal modifications that you can do in your car without being scared or worried about the fines and penalties? Well, if yes then here we are talking about, what types of modifications are legal in India and what type of changes can you make in your car that do not end up at court or check posts. However, there is no doubt that most of the modifications are mainly considered illegal but if you are one of the people who knows about RTO and rules then you must be in the swim that the changes you made to your car, must be mentioned on your RC.

Well, so when it comes to talking about car modifications, then no doubt that they are becoming a trend among buyers and increasingly popular in India, as people seek to customize their vehicles to suit their personal style and needs. However, one who is going to get his/her car modified must remember the important thing which is to remember that not all modifications are legal, and some can even land you in trouble with the law.

What Are Legal Car Modifications?

However, you must be aware that you can not make every change to every car and it is all about making it look good. From tires to taillights, people often make some modifications that make their cars look more captivating while on the road. Car modifications refer to any changes made to a vehicle that alter its original design or performance. These can include changes to the engine, suspension, bodywork, and interior of the car. Car modifications can be cosmetic or functional, and they can range from simple modifications like installing a new audio system to complex engine swaps.

When it comes to talking about modifications then no doubt the one thing that comes to your mind is, what about fines and punishment if caught? Well, apart from that fear what if we tell you that you can make some changes in your car to make it look more amazing on the road, and that too when it can be legal. While there are many car modifications that are illegal in India, there are also a number of modifications that are legal and can be done without fear of legal consequences.

What Type Of Modifications Are Not Banned In India?

Although, if you search about the changes that you do to your car that the govt and RTO also do not mind then you will not find many options. However, out of many, there are certain things after which your car can easily slide on the Indian roads without being stopped at checkpoints. Here are the modifications that are not banned or illegal in India.

While you can make changes outside of your car but when it comes to talking about the interiors then you can upgrade the audio system in your car is one of the most popular modifications in India. As long as the speakers and amplifier are within legal limits, this is a perfectly legal modification. However, it’s important to ensure that the audio system doesn’t cause excessive noise pollution, which can result in fines from the authorities.

Apart from the music system, you can also change the seat covers of your car because replacing the original seat covers with custom ones is a popular modification in India. As long as the seat covers are made of fire-retardant material and meet safety standards, this is a legal modification.


  • Alloy wheels: Alloy wheels are a popular cosmetic modification that can improve the look of your car. As long as the wheels are of the same size and width as the original wheels, and the tires are within legal limits, this is a legal modification.
  • Body wraps: Car wrapping involves applying vinyl sheets to the exterior of a vehicle to change its color or add a design. As long as the wrap doesn’t obscure the license plate or any other identifying features of the car, it’s a legal modification.
  • LED lights: LED lights can be used to replace the standard lights on a car, providing better visibility and an improved look. As long as the lights are of the same color as the original lights, this is a legal modification.
  • Performance modifications: Performance modifications can improve the speed, handling, and power of a car. Some legal performance modifications include upgrading the air intake system, installing a performance exhaust system, and adding a performance chip to the engine.
  • Tinted windows: Tinted windows are a popular modification in India, but they are illegal if they reduce visibility beyond the legal limit. The front windshield and front side windows must allow at least 70% of light to pass through, while the rear windshield and rear side windows must allow at least 50% of light to pass through.
  • Nitrous oxide: Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a performance-enhancing substance that can be added to a car’s engine. However, it’s illegal in India to use nitrous oxide in any form, as it’s considered a dangerous substance.
  • Loud exhaust systems: Loud exhaust systems that produce excessive noise are illegal in India. The maximum noise level allowed for a car’s exhaust system is 80 decibels, and any system that exceeds this limit is illegal.
  • Modified suspension: Modifying a car’s suspension can improve its handling and performance, but it’s illegal if it changes the ride height of the vehicle beyond the legal limit. The ride height of a car must be within the legal limit as specified by the manufacturer, and any modification that alters this is illegal.
  • Engine modifications: Modifying the engine of a car can improve its performance, but certain modifications are illegal in India. For example, installing a turbocharger or supercharger without the necessary permits is illegal, as is modifying the engine to produce excessive noise.
  • Dark or colored headlights: Replacing the original headlights with dark or colored ones is illegal in India, as it can reduce visibility and cause accidents. The headlights must be of the same color and intensity as the original ones, and any modification that alters this is illegal.

Heading towards the end of this article we would like to tell you that there are many legal modifications that can be done to a car in India, but it’s important to ensure that any modifications are done within legal limits. Illegal modifications can result in fines, seizure of the vehicle, or even imprisonment, so it’s best to stay within the law. Always consult with a certified automobile engineer before making any modifications to your car to ensure that they are safe and legal. Follow us for more news.

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