New Pure EV ECODryft Motorcycle A Budget Friendly Electric 2-wheeler

New Pure EV ECODryft Motorcycle A Budget Friendly Electric 2-wheeler

Pure EV Ecodryft: Electric vehicles have caught the hype and people are getting crazy to buy the one. Despite, being configurated or equipped with many advanced features, EVs come in a pretty huge variety of features that are priced a bit expensive as compared to other vehicles (flued ones). But if you are thinking to buy a new 2WD EV then you must be exploring so many bikes under your budget. Amid all of the other trending news about the electric vehicle world, we would like to attract your sight to Pure EV company’s latest electric bike called ECODryft. In this bike, you will get to see a mind-blowing riding range alongside a super-class body design with a mat finish to the look.

The electric bike manufacturer Pure EV has launched another super amazing 2-wheeler to expand its roots among Indians. The company launched another model named EcoDryft, in this one segment the brand has developed more features and even promised that the bike will give a pleasing riding range from 85 to 130 KM on a full charge. You must be thinking that in the market there are several brands who are giving more riding range than this one, so what makes it special in the competition, so the special thing about this bike is its price because the latest bike is introduced at a reasonable price of Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom Delhi).

Pure EV EcoDryft Specs & Features

Now, if we talk about the features and specs of the latest electric bike called Ecodryft then the list of features includes a bunch of specs that are quite enough not only to steal your looks but also to leave a better impact on you. So, according to the reports, the Pure EV’s latest motorcycle called EcoDryft comes in 3 different riding modes that deliver different speeds and riding ranges. However, the bike is equipped with a 3KWH battery and comes in 4 different colors.

  • 3KWH Li Battery NMC Chemistry
  • Top Speed 75 KMPH
  • 85 to 130 KM Riding Range
  • Anti-Theft Provision with Smart Lock

Well, these are the key specs of the bike that you usually check in every EV segment. Apart from this when it comes to talking about the riding modes then the Ecodryft gets 3 different riding modes as Drive Mode, Cross Over Mode, and Thrill Mode. Now, these 3 riding modes provide different power and impact on the riding range too. While the Drive Mode gives 45 KMPH, on the other hand, the Cross Over Mode delivers 60 KMPH and the top Thrill Mode gives 75 KMPH.


Talking about the price of the motorcycle then the EcoDryft is available at Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom Delhi) However, different states will differ in the price too. In the terms of design, the bike gives tough competition to other fueled bikes such as Hero Splendor and Passion Pro. Although, the bike also gets an alloy wheel that is gracing the looks of the bike, and that too at the best. Coming to the color options then the company Pure EV has launched the bike in 4 different colors where you can choose between Black, Blue, Red, and Gray.

Although, the brand has launched the bike and if you are making up your mind to buy this 2-wheeler then we would like to tell you that the bookings for ecoDryft are now begun across PURE EV’s dealerships PAN India. Also, the test rides are also going on for 2 months, so if you are in favor you can go for it. Till then stay connected with us to read more updates.

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