MG Air EV to be launched soon in indian market?

MG Air EV to be launched soon in indian market?

MG Air EV to be launched soon in indian market? MG Motors, a company that offers a wide range of the latest luxury SUV cars in India has brought something new to its customers. Well, as you all know that the brand has been dealing in SUVs in the nation, and targeting a certain audience is now all set to grip the hatchback audience in the nation. According to the reports, the brand is probably testing its latest segment which seems to be a small car for Indian people. Keeping an eye on the rising demand for micro EVs MG motor has made up its mind to bring a micro 2-door electric car named as MG Air.

However, the car has been spotted many times on roads while undergoing testing, and most recently the car was spied on the roads of Gujrat’s Vadodara often called Baroda. Well, if we talk about the rival of the car then so far no one has been identified as the rival of MG Air but it seems like if the car gets launched in India then not immediately but soon it will have to compete with Tata Nano Electric that Tata Motos perhaps on around the corner to launch on Indian roads. So, if you are keen to know more about the car then here are the details that you should look at before you plan anything in your mind.

MG Air EV Specs & Features

Now, as the car has been seen on the roads and that too multiple times and on this basis saying this won’t be bad that the brand may launch it sooner, however, MG has not spoken so far on the segment such as when they are going to launch the car in the market. If we talk about the specs and features of the car then the MG Air EV will come with a tall boy design along with large doors and windows. As it is a micro EV therefore, the car will not have much from the outside, also, it gets only 2 doors that are big enough to let you enter inside the car.

Although looking at the pictures it can be assumed that the car will have its engine under the seats that we have usually seen in Maruti Suzuki Eeco and Omni Van, and it is because the picture shows that the car does not have a bonnet that indicates about where the engine might be placed. However, the brand has not opened up freely on the segment and this is the main reason why people are only assuming about the features and sure about anything in the segment.


According to the reports, MG Air EV will be based on MG’s forthcoming Global Small Electric Vehicles (GSEV) platform. The car will have a powerful battery somewhere between 20kWh to 25kWh capacity, which will offer a maximum power of 40 hp and give a driving range of up to 150 KM on a full charge, reportedly. Sources have claimed that MG is developing this AIR keeping the Indian weather and road conditions in the mind, and this is why it is taking much time. Also, it is assumed that car will be priced at around 10 Lakhs. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on all trending news in the automobile world.

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