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Mahindra To Increase production of its most selling SUVs

Mahindra To Increase production of its most selling SUVs

All car lovers have become choosy and every time they decide to buy a car they often go for SUVs, and keeping this segment in the mind, the Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company Mahindra has decided to increase the production of its SUV line. The news rolled out recently and just after it broke on the internet it created a buzz among the key manufacturers of the automobile company. Another interesting thing, Mahindra’s cars are now giving tough competition to other brands in the nation, and in the recently happened NCAP crash test, the brand achieved a 5-star safety rating. So, as per this, you can assume how nicely Mahindra is expanding its roots in the Indian car market.

In the current phase, there is a huge demand for Mahindra cars such as Bolero, Scorpio N, Thar, SUV300, and XUV700, this SUV range is now eating the market. However, all of the Mahindra plants in the nation are working at their best and are quick to bring more cars into the market. But despite being some big plants and working faster than before, there is still a waiting period for some certain cars from the brand. Now, when there is still a little period of waiting, therefore, the brand perhaps is scared of customers so that they won’t go for cancel their booking and choose any rival brand over Mahindra.

Mahindra To Increase Production OF SUVs

Now, when the news is surfacing over the web that the brand is talking about increasing the production of its SUVs lineup, therefore, people are getting keen to know which cars’ production is going to be increased. So, as per the reports, Mahindra is working on several new projects for the betterment of its market, under which EV production is also on its way, and for this, the brand is all set to invest a massive amount of crores in its EV plant which is starting soon in Pune. A total of 5 cars’ production is going to be increased, reportedly.

  • Bolero
  • Scorpio N
  • Thar
  • SUV300
  • XUV700

As of Q4, FY22, the monthly SUV production capacity is at 29k, and By the end of Q4, FY23, the SUV production capacity will be raised to 39k units per month, and it will grow to 49k units per month by the end of  By Q4, FY24, the company assumed. Talking about the overall ratio or units then it would be an increase of 10k in its production capacity every year.

As of now, in the Indian car market, the Mahindra is going quite well, and it all happened with upgradation in the cars’ features and design. However, people are loving the Scorpio N and the new XUV700, and by launching some amazing features such as auto-pilot and sunroof, the brand has done something really amazing that has made Mahindra’s image unbeatable. Stay tuned with us to read more news on automobile trends. Also, hit the comment box below and tell us which Mahindra car you love the most and wants to buy.

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