Mahindra Scorpio N, XUV700 Waiting Period May 2023!


Hey, folks! As you all know that since the year began the automobile market has boomed as result companies are trying their best to speed up the production of their cars. Well, recently it was observed that the waiting period for several cars is quite long as compared to before and the same thing happened with Mahindra’s cars.However, there is no doubt that with the rising demand of SUVs, many car makers such as Tata and Mahindra that especially deals in SUV, they are struggling with the demands due to lack or better say slow production.

So, if you are thinking to buy a new Mahindra Scorpio N or XUV700 then you should know about the waiting period for these SUVs. Now, according to the reports, the current demand of these cars from the brand has risen in past few months and due to this company has to extend the waiting periods for up to 18 months. Also, if you are one of these cars loveers then you must be in the swim that Mahindra got the title of the 4th best-selling automaker in India by April 2023 with a total sales of 34,694 units relating to a YoY growth but a MoM decline.

Mahindra’s Waiting Period In May 2023

However, there are some other segments as well where Mahindra is getting much love from the audience across the nation, but when it comes to talking about its most selling cars then no doubt that the Scorio Classic, Scorpio N, Thar, XUV700. Now, as these cars have more demand so you can assume that due to demand the production need to be faster. Although, the brand has been saying for a long time about chain supply issues due to which production is quite slow for some time.

Talking about the models and its waiting period then as you all know that Mahindra Scorpio N is availble in 6 trims and the minimum waiting period for the top variant is 7-8 months in petrol while for the diesel variant buyers will have to wait for 8-9 months, now talking about the base models then the these variants are in high demand and for the base or starting variant buyers will have to wait for atleast 11-12 months, reportedly. Apart from these models or Scorpio N, if we talk about the classic trims then for Mahindra Scroprio S the waiting period is 7 months, while for the S11 the waiting period is 7 months.

Now, when it comes to talking about the Mahindra XUV700  then there are a total of 5 models where the waiting period for the starting trim is 6 months in petrol and 7 months for diseal. Meanwhile, for the top most variant the waiting period stands at 13 months, and for the diesel trim the duration is same as the petrol one. However, much information on the news is yet to come therefore currently there can be some missing parts for the same topic. Also, we would like to tell you that the current waiting period is based on the reports, and it can be vary according to the new updates.

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