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Delhi records highest EV sales in December 2022

Delhi records highest EV sales in December 2022

Today’s era has become an Electric era and all of the vehicle companies are launching their vehicles keeping the same trend in the mind. Surprisingly, The capital of the nation registered a record number of 7,046 electric vehicles in December 2022, marking a whopping 86 percent year-on-year growth likened to the same month of 2021. In accordance with the online reports, Delhi registered a total of 93,239 units of EVs since Delhi people got to know about the EV policy. Talking the ratio then among the total numbers, two-wheelers contributed nearly 55 percent in 2022 alone, reportedly. Also, Delhi in the last month of 2022, saw the highest-ever monthly EV sales in the country across states and union territories.

Delhi’s transport minister Kailash Gahlot, on the EV sales wave in the capital, stated, “the city has consistently driven front the front by being the EV capital of the country. He likewise said that Delhi is prepared with the expected private and public EV charging framework, with a sum of 2,300 charging focuses and 200 battery-trading stations in activity across the city”. Well, no doubt that since the electric segment is introduced it has been expanding itself among people. However, when the first time it was introduced no one expected that the idea will work on this huge level but as of now, it can be seen how amazingly, the EV concept has brought competition among all vehicle makers.

Delhi Saw Highest EV Sales In December 2022

The EV deals in Delhi have been endorsed by the Delhi EV Strategy, which is now seen as one of the most complete electric vehicle compacts in the nation, with an emphasis on both interest age and framework progress through many motivations for EV purchasers and different partners. The Delhi EV Strategy was sent off on August 7, 2020, with bikes and three-wheelers distinguished as the needed vehicle section. The strategy focuses on the fast reception of electric vehicles in the city, adding to 25 percent of all new vehicle enrollments by 2024.

The online reports claim that after the sales in December 2022, Delhi is not so far from achieving two-thirds of its scheduled target. Delhi’s transport minister Kailash Gahlot also stated that behind the success of Delhi’s EV policy, there are 3 ‘i’ steps that Delhiites are following. Well, you must be thinking about what is 3 ‘i’ policy. So, the policy of the model includes 3 words starting with ‘i’ and the word are, incentivization, innovation, and inclusion. In one of his statements the minister said, “We have never restricted ourselves to one segment but have had a holistic view to make it a success”. So, now it is a deal to lock eyes on, that how EVs are going to perform in 2023. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on all trending news in the automobile world.

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