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Ather To launch More Ather Electric Scooter! All You Need To Know About Rumors

Ather To launch More Ather Electric Scooter! All You Need To Know About Rumors

Are you planning to bring a vehicle this year 2023? Well, if yes, here is good news because we are talking about  Indian electric vehicle company Ather Energy’s forthcoming segments that the brand will soon launch in 2023. Now, it has become the most searched thing on the internet what else would be there in the scooter in the terms of features and specs? If you are an electric scooter lover or keep in the touch with the trends in the industry then you must be known about its other trims that are already in the market and performing well too.

According to the reports, Ather has 450 Plus and 450 X electric scooters in its portfolio in the current phase but the brand recently announced to add some more to the brochure. Undoubtedly, the brand has been managing to drive sales by introducing something unique in the terms of experience and features to its customers and this is the main reason Ather seems to overtake other brands that deal in the same price range.

If we take a look at its sales then in the previous month Ather sales crossed 7,500 units, registering a 252.47% YoY growth and 7.82% MoM growth. Although, the sales are going quite well in a positive manner, saying this would not be a bad thing that the brand needs to bring a segment that cost somewhere between Rs 80k – 1 Lakh and this is just to boost the sales because despite being an Indian startup Ather has come up as a revolutionary brand which is gripping the market.

Ather Electric Scooter

As we all know that the brand has only launched one model which is the Ather 450X, however, there are 2 different trims in the same variant where one Ather 450 Plus and the Ather 450X. Both of the scooters have almost the same features but the pro trim which is called X has some add-ons. This year Ather electric scooter sales are possible to cross the 55k mark, registering a growth of over 230% YoY. In comparison, their rival Ola has bartered close to 1.5 lakh scooters in 2022.

As we are said that if the brand wants to grip the market with its upcoming segments then no doubt Ather has to bring some new concepts under 1 lakh because keeping an eye on its current sale it is clear that the brand is performing well in the market but still if Ather wants to expand the sales and its roots in the market it has to introduce a new electric scooter with less price, either Ather can bring some offers as well.

Now, when it comes to talking about how we got to know that the brand is thinking to launch new scooters? Well, it is because of the speculations and it is also because the company is holding its community day on January 7th of 2023 and it is expected to launch a new product at the event. So, stay in the loop to know more about trending news and speculations about the automotive world.

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