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Ather Energy Records highest sales in Oct 2022 Cross 8k

Ather To launch More Ather Electric Scooter! All You Need To Know About Rumors

Electric vehicles have captured the market globally and there is no doubt that all of the bike and car manufacturers are bent on dropping better than one another segments to keep their presence in the market. From Ola to Revolt everyone is trying their best to beat the opponent, and today we are talking about one of the rising brands of electric scooters, going up and beating all of the other scooters in its price range. We are here trying to attract your sight to an Indian electric vehicle company named Ather Energy. The brand recently recorded a quite pleasing number in sales. Here is, what you will get in their new scooter.

Well, almost certainly Ather Energy is rising in the industry and beating all the other e2w on its fingertip. The brand is very concerned about sales and the Indian brand has expanded its roots in some of the key marketplaces in the nation. Talking about Ather Energy’s key marketplace so the list includes Kerala, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. The brand in previous months has recorded 3 digits growth in its sales, where the brand sold more than 8,000 units. Alongside targeting the sale, the brand is concerned about features where it is intended to give it a powerful battery and fast charging.

Ather 450X Gen 3 Features

  • 146 Riding Range (Company Promising)
  • 80km/hr Top Speed
  • Google Navigation
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • 22-litre boot space
  • Fast Charging (Charges up to 15 KM in 10 mins)

Undoubtedly, the Ather 450X Gen 3 is just amazing itself because the scooter gets all the latest and upgraded features in it. Along with large boot space, the brand gives a peak power of 6.2 kW while in its previous Ather 450 Plus you will get to see only 5.4 kW. The new Ather 450X is just amazing as it gets everything a level up as compared to the Ather 450 Plus.

Ather Electric Scooter Sales 2022

Now, the amazing thing about the sales is, the brand sold 250 units of Ather 450X, and that too on a single day during the Diwali festival in Banglore. According to the reports, Ather Electric sales crossed 8,213 units in the month of October this year. Companies sales report shows the ratio where it can be seen clearly that the sale raised up to 122% with 3,699 units. Not only in October but the brand also recorded high sales in the month of September too where sales were at 7,435.

Saying this won’t be bad that Ather Energy is one of the e2w brands that are solely taking over the industry and making it harder for other brands to come and beat it. The brand itself has set a record and daily making it big in the terms of sales. Now, if you are thinking that what is too special in it. So, we would like to tell you that Ather Energy is an Indian brand and as it is beating all the other brands so you can take the idea about its popularity. You can read the complete specifications of Ather 450X Gen 3.

As you all know that in today’s era where every company has got to know that fuel is about to extinct all vehicle manufacturers are stepping into the EV business. The interesting thing is, a number of brands or better say startups got the chance to try their fate, and undoubtedly Ather is among those names. Although, the reason behind its sales can be its price. Because at this price range Indians won’t get any assurance of safety and features. However, we have Ola in the market but scooters are a bit expensive, and here is what Ather is not losing the grip.

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