Volkswagen Chairperson says they will Beat Tesla by 2025

The current chairman of the board of management of the German manufactured Volkswagen said that the carmaker will take the lead over Tesla by 2025.

During a meeting at the company’s headquarters in Germany, Herbert Diesssaid that Tesla will be losing its strength trying to ramp up the two Giga factories:-

  1. In Austin, Texas
  2. In Grungeide, Germany

He sees this as an excellent opportunity to take the lead, as Volkswagen is running at total capacity.

Elon Musk must simultaneously Ramp up the two highly complex factories in Grunheide and Austin – and Expand the production in Shanghai ” he told his workers.

He added, “We have to seize this opportunity and catch up quickly and by 2025 will be in the lead”.

Herbert Diess has had his sights set on the Tesla for some time now – earlier this year; he stated that Volkswagen is creeping up behind fellow actor Henry Cavil cast as Tesla.

During this presentation, the chairman also mentioned that Tesla is weakening and then presented a slide with a meme that showed actor Jason MomoaRepresenting Volkswagen creeping up behind fellow actor Henry Cavil cast as Tesla.

Musk and dress very friendly outside of the EV race, but the German executive notes Tesla as the biggest rival of Volkswagen. Volkswagen sold nearly 452,900 electric vehicles worldwide in 2021, while Tesla sold 930,422. It is listed fourth in electric vehicle companies and fifth among the most prominent electric vehicle companies.

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