Tips On Planning A Road Trip With Your Electric Vehicle

Tips On Planning A Road Trip With Your Electric Vehicle

Buying an electric vehicle has many advantages, including comfortable long road trips, But there are some pointers to keep in mind while covering long routes. There is no doubt that spontaneous and unplanned trips are adventurous, but they too demand a little planning in advance of every decision. India, as a nation, has a long way to go in infrastructure charging portals for electric vehicles. So, here are some tricks and tips which are worth a read before your next road trip with an electric vehicle

Know your battery range

To ensure a hassle-free trip, read the owner’s manual to know the battery range of your vehicle or else you can go quickly through the manufacturer’s website. This will be useful in planning stops and managing time because you wouldn’t like to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because of a dead battery.

You should call the hotels in advance

Are you planning for a multiple-day trip? It is suggested to call up your layover hotels to confirm your requirements for electricity and required voltage sockets. This is going to save a lot of time as your EV will charge while you are resting. 

Even on one-day trips, it is ideal to talk to the restaurants before avoiding the inconvenience and plan your stop to confirm if you can charge your vehicle’s batteries there. 

Don’t forget your earthing kit

EV drivers must ensure they can charge their EV at some random moment. For this, an earthing pack is suggested as most cafés and lodgings don’t have appropriate earthing. Charging at an establishment without earthing can harm the vehicle as earthing safeguards machines and, for this situation, your EV against unwarranted spikes of power. An earthing unit consists of an iron rod that can be contributed to the ground with a wire that can be connected to your charging line. You can likewise make your earthing unit. 

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