The Single-Seater Track-Only Race Car McLaren Solus GT revealed

The Single-Seater Track-Only Race Car McLaren Solus GT revealed

McLaren Solus GT

McLaren has revealed its latest creation, and this one is absolutely out of the world. The McLaren Solus GT – as it is called – is a track-only machine with a design that has never been seen before on a production-ready car. Only 25 units of the vehicle will be made, and all are sold out for reportedly over £3 million a piece (roughly over Rs. 28 crores). This single-seater car has a McLaren F1-Esque central driving position but misses out on a second or third seat altogether. The car debuted at the Monterey car week in California, USA.

The McLaren Solus GT has a central driving position and is a single-seater.

Without a doubt, the most significant talking point of the Solus GT is its outlandish design. McLaren revealed a concept car for the Gran Turismo Sport video game a few years ago – called the McLaren Vision GT – and in the form of the Solus GT, McLaren has brought the concept to life without losing much in the process. Since the track-only car is not road-legal, its development does not bound by no rules, and the numbers show just that. The Solus GT weighs less than 1,000 kgs, but with all of its aero trickery – at that big fixed rear wing – it generates downforce greater than 1,200 kgs at 241 kmph (150 mph), meaning that, theoritically, you could drive this car upside down in a tunnel, so long as you are going above 241 kmph.

The Solus GT produces a downforce of 1,200 kgs at 241 kmph, that helped by a gigantic fixed back wing.

The Single-Seater Track-Only Race Car McLaren Solus GT revealed

The McLaren Solus GT achieves its lightweight composition using a carbon fiber monocoque, much like a Formula 1 car. Propelling this spaceship for the track is a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 motor, unlike any other engine used by McLaren on its existing and past vehicles. The motor delivers an output of 829 bhp and 650 Nm torque, but it’s eagerly obvious with its downforce figures that it makes up its track time in the corners, just like the McLaren Senna. McLaren claims that it targets a 0-100 kmph time of fewer than 2.5 seconds and has a claimed top speed of 322 kmph, and on its way up to that speed, the engine generates a soundtrack that can be most easily described as pure music.

It also gets an F1-inspired steering wheel.

The cockpit of the car is as attractive as the rest of it. There’s just about enough room for the driver to fit in, and in the driver’s view is an F1-inspired steering wheel. The rearview mirror would have nothing to show – thanks to the lack of a rear window – which is why a display takes its place, which shows the back view seen from a camera.

To aid the driver’s safety, the cockpit gets a halo and a roll bar made out of 3D-printed titanium, and McLaren will also provide:-

  • A full-race suit.
  • A race helmet.
  • A HANS (head and neck support) device with the car.

The 25 units of the car are entering production, and the first units of the vehicle are expected to be delivered next year.

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