Tesla to Develop Supercharger V4

Tesla to Develop Supercharger V4

It is well-known that Tesla’s Superchargers are the best charging solutions for all-electric cars. This vertically integrated infrastructural element is the reason behind the success of the electric vehicle maker. The V2 model is the most widely used, while the V3 model sees the increased output. But it seems like the Supercharger V4 is deep in development as plans have been leaked about a new station construction plan deployed in Danvers, Massachusetts. 

Currently, the Tesla Supercharger has a capacity of between 90kW to 250kW, so it is not the fastest in the business but the most omnipresent network, especially in North America. Tesla also added the Urban Supercharger, which is meant for parking lots and garages and has a peak charge capacity of 72kW. 

The new Supercharger V4 with up the bet promoted at 300 to 350 kW. It will likely also add the CCS connector to the Supercharger in North America, as it has already done in Europe, opening up the network to non-Tesla vehicles. 

The plan applications for Danvers, Massachusetts, also have a new design. It is also significantly more significant than the Urban Charger, and this will be another feather in Tesla’s cap. 

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