Reasons why Fast Growing Cities are More Prone to Car Accidents

Reasons why Fast Growing Cities are More Prone to Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the leading causes of injury and premature deaths in fast-growing cities. Specifically, the big cities with many drivers on the road daily are also at risk of accidents that leave the victims with some serious injuries. 

The reasons are as follows:- 

1. Driving with Distractions

Besides cell phone use while driving, drivers are distracted by many other events. Often, people try to do many things at once, such as listening to the radio, eating, drinking, looking for items in the car, and smoking. When you combine this with conversing with the passengers in the vehicle, the driver may be distracted and fail to concentrate on their surroundings. 

2. Drunk Driving

It is widespread in fast-growing cities to consume alcohol to celebrate. Moreover, some drive drunk, so they must apply emergency brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another car. It takes time for limbs to respond to the instructions when someone is drunk. They can also have their vision impaired due to dizziness. 

All these are the factors that are causing car accidents that sometimes prove serious. Besides alcohol, people in fast-growing cities also indulge in drugs and other medicines, affecting concentration and skills required for safe driving. So, if you are getting involved in a car accident, ensure that you establish if the other driver is drunk, as it helps negotiate a car accident settlement. 

3. Jumping of Red Lights

It is common to see vehicles jumping a red light at any intersection. Numerous people do this when running late for an appointment or a meeting or want to save time. There is a common conception that obeying red signals wastes time and fuel. A driver who jumps a red light cause danger to his life and other road users. When one driver jumps a red light, other drivers follow suit, causing chaos such as traffic jams. Subsequently, everybody gets delayed. When a driver jumps a red light, they do at high speed, intending to avoid a crash, which hinders his ability to evaluate the ongoing traffic and often crashes. 

4. Over Speeding

The leading cause of a significant number of car accidents is over speeding. It is human nature to excel, and if a human had the chance, they would want to attain speed infinity. Moreover, it would be best if you always were behind another vehicle when sharing the road. An increase in speed increases accident risk and injury seriousness during an accident. As faster vehicles are more prone in fast-growing cities, the cruelty of car accidents increases with faster vehicles. When a vehicle is at high speed, it may require an even greater distance to stop. 

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