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Maserati unveils the new GranTurismo, its first fully-electric model

Maserati unveils the new GranTurismo, its first fully-electric model

Have you heard about Maserati’s latest news? Well, if not so we would like to let you know that the brand is about to launch its very first and fully electronic car named GranTurismo. However, the name can remind you of racing simulation video games but in reality, the brand is about to launch its new segment, and that too in racing terms. Hey, folks as you all must be in the swim that in today’s modern era where natural resources are about to be consummated so keeping this thing in sight car manufacturing companies are leaving no stone unturned to grip the market and they all have sparked a race to bring better from one another cars and bikes and there is no doubt that since the competition to grip the market has started, all the big names of the automotive industry have come up with some fantastic ideas whether you talk about design or average.

However, the very first electric car that was launched in 1890 was designed and made by William Morrison, a chemist who lived in Des Moines, Iowa. At that time it was the first 6 seaters electric car which was made keeping the future in mind, although, who knew that electric vehicles would occupy the world, there is no doubt that when the first car was made not much praise was given to the maker but now when the world is stepping towards the same segment people are now buying them just because everyone is now aware of ending natural resources. So, the Luxury vehicles company has a very amazing and respected image in the market of cars or better say in the terms of luxury driving serving, Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer called Maserati is all set to drop its latest or very first electric car in the market and the brand recently lifts the veil from its new segment which has set people on a different level of excitement.

As soon as the news was broken on the web that the brand is launching its first-ever luxury electric car people across the nation went crazy and their excitement can be seen on social media. Maserati unveiled the first look of the new GranTurismo ahead of an authorized liftoff which is scheduled to be launched next year. Well, there is no doubt that the brand made a pleasing profit last year after which they promised to bring a new fully electric car. According to the reports it came to know that the brand perhaps can drop some more e-vehicles as well, however, the company has not revealed the entire plan but as the brand made a promise after the profitable year so it is being assumed that the brand can spark the expectations of its followers.

GranTurismo Price and Features:-

Now, if we talk about the specifications of the car then undoubtedly saying this won’t be bad that in the terms of looks it is going to nail the market where features will be playing cherry on the top kind of deal. Also, because the e-vehicles do not provide such speed as the fuel vehicles do so it is expected that the new GranTurismo can give speed too as the car belongs to a luxury brand. Well, here are some of the highlighted features of the car.

> three-liter, six-cylinder internal combustion engine (ICE)

> 490 and 500 horse powers (Two versions)

Well, another thing that has made people even crazy for it is, the car is going to be a budget-friendly, especially for those who are fond of luxury cars, and saying this also won’t be a bad thing that the price of the car will not disappoint you in the terms of features.

As per the sources, the new GranTurismo will be available with a starting price of 200,000 euros. Although, much info about the features is yet to come so stay in the loop.

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