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Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG to launch soon: Report

Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG to launch soon: Report

Maruti Suzuki recently announced the company is soon to launch a CNG model in its Maruti Suzuki Brezza. As soon as the news started surfacing online it created a buzz where people started to talk about it. Undoubtedly, everyone is keenly waiting for this one, because Brezza is one of the most loved Compact SUVs that people love to own, but due to the rising price of fuel, it was something that company was facing issues in sales. Well, here we are talking about the latest CNG model of the Maruti Suzuki Brezza, and there are plenty of questions that we have observed on social media, we are trying to give you all the major information, that you should know.

Previously, we have seen 8 models in Brezza where all of the 8 are of petrol one. The brand has not brought this in diesel, although, people do buy Brezza and later stand in the CNG queue. However, getting CNG fitted from the outside, results in so many things such as too many wires and so on. Most of the time, people go out and get CNG in their cars. People, searching on the internet for the new CNG Brezza’s features and specs. So, shooting their excitement down, we would like to tell you that in the new model there would be only CNG along with Petrol, except for this there is nothing much going to be changed. However, the brand has not revealed much information about the new upcoming variant.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG

Now, when it comes to talking about the forthcoming model, Maruti Suzuki is about to bring two fuel options again. Since Maruti Suzuki launched Brezza back in 2016, it was initially sold as a diesel-only model. Later in 2020, the brand introduced or better say switch to a petrol engine. Now, the company is all set to bring a CNG version of Brezza, which makes it India’s first-ever SUV to run with a factory-fitted CNG kit. Meanwhile, the makers are yet to announce the price and specs of the car. Internet is stuffed with a number of posts saying, Maruti Suzuki India is about to announce the launch date and price.

Well, there is no doubt that Maruti Suzuki does not only grip the Indian car market, but it is better to say, the brand has been ruling the market for a very long time. Since the brand launched its Maruti 800, the brand has left an amazing image in people’s minds about the quality of its machines. Undoubtedly, the factory-fitted CNG will make Brezza India’s first-ever CNG SUV. Now, another thing that is also a deal to think about for the brand, is that perhaps they are not looking at the competition, or else they are creating their own.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Price

After 2020, Maruti switched from diesel to petrol where the brand launched 8 models. The starting price of Brezza is 7.99 Lakhs, while the top variant is Rs. 13.96 (Ex-Showroom). From manual to automatic there are 8 models. Talking about the features of the car so, from the base to the top model you will get 19.8 to 19.9 kmpl mileage. From engine to looks and safety to speed the car gets 7 ratings out of 10.

As we said that the brand is yet to announce all the things about its new car. In today’s era where everyone is switching to e-vehicles, Maruti is still gripping the market with its fueled vehicles. Now, this is going to be an amazing thing to watch how soon Maruti switches to the electric concept. Else they will shift to the electric concept or they will out of the competition.

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