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EV India Expo 2022: Enigma unveils 6 electric scooters

As the world is shifting towards electric vehicles from fueled ones, a number of companies have come up with their e startups and all of the companies have introduced their brands and now unveiling their upcoming projects. Recently, at EV India EXPO 2022 Madhya Pradesh-based EV startup Enigma, lift the veil on their 6 electric scooters and the company even claimed that it would be one of the fastest electric scooters. So, stick around to know what else the company is promising.

Enigma 6 New Scooters

Enigma is not one of the biggest companies but despite being a start-up it is spreading its feet in the industry and that too with an amazing manner and positive response as well. Talking about its 6 new scooters that the company unveiled at EV India Expo 2022 are Enigma Crink+, Enigma Crink Pro, Enigma GT450, Enigma GT450 Pro, Enigma Ambier, Enigma CR22 – Prototype electric motorcycle, and Enigma N8 Thunderstorm. Well, the company is supposed to launch these 6 models in the upcoming time. It has been promised by the owners that they will soon launch all of these in the market.

It is not hidden that all automotive companies are now perhaps thinking of saving the environment and keeping it pure. On the other side, it is also a universal fact that since the news has started to spread online about fuel extinction, car and bike manufacturers have stepped into the electric vehicles, and now one of the biggest companies such as Lexus and BMW, and Audi have stepped into the same. However, there was a time when people used to laugh at electric vehicles but now e-vehicles have taken over the automotive industry.

Enigma Scooters Specifications & Price

Well, as there would be 6 models so every scooter will have its special quality such as one will have a good battery backup so another will have a better design. From riding range to ground clearance everything has been specified in all of these 6 super amazing e-scooters. So, here are the features of each scooter.

  • Enigma Crink+

Now, in the Enigma Crink+, you will see a wide range of color options such as white, grey, blue, yellow, and brown. Talking about its battery so it houses a Lithium-ion battery which takes 3.5 hours to charge it completely. On a single charge, the scooter can go around 120 Km and it will have a top speed of 60 kmph.

  • Enigma Crink Pro

Heading towards the 2nd in the list, we have Enigma Crink Pro, which is promised to be one of the high-speed segments of the project. According to the reports, it will have an LFP battery that offers a decent range of 90-110 Km on a single charge. Although, it is also available in different colors such as White, Grey, Matt Black, and Royal blue as well. It has a top speed of 75 kmph.

  • Enigma GT450

Coming to the 3rd in the list, it is Enigma GT450 that takes a quite long time to be fully charged. It takes 7-8 hours to charge completely. Talking about its range so offers a range of 135 KM. As far as color options are concerned so here you will get 3 color choices Grey, Silver, and Sky Blue.

  • Enigma GT450 Pro

As far as the 4th one is concerned so here we are telling you about Enigma GT450 Pro’s features such as what else you will get and how many colors will be there. So, according to the sources, the GT450 Pro will have a 2.4 kWh powerful battery that will give you a range of 120KM on a single charge. the pro model of GT450 has a top speed of 70 KMPH. According to the name, it should give something advanced but it is not what the name sounds like. It will also be available in 4 different colors Golden, Silver, Sky Blue, and Grey.

  • Enigma Ambier

Well, now heading towards the 5th in the list so here we have Enigma Ambier which is priced at Rs. 52, 250 (Ex-showroom). Developers have promised that it will give a range of 160 KM and the surprising thing about this one is, it comes in 6 different colors. The options are White, Blue, Silver, Gray, and Orange. However, features have not been revealed by the company so far on this but it is supposed to have the same features as other scooters in this price range from the Enigma.

  • Enigma N8 Thunderstorm

Heading towards the end of the list and here we have the 6th one that was unveiled by the makers in EV Auto-Expo 2022. So, the N8 Thunderstorm houses a powerful battery and it will take you to 130 KM on a single full charge. Scooter’s high speed is not much but yes it will give you 60kmph that is enough to experience and expect from this price range and the brand as well. However, the special thing about this model is, it comes in pleasing colors such as Honda Grey, Royal Blue, BMW Gold, White, and Silver, which makes it different from others

So, apart from this, the company has other designs and features in the pipeline that they are soon to deliver in the market but it seems like first they want to check the response of their market so that they will build their market. Well, it was what Enigma launched in the event. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the automobile news. Also, hit the comment box and let us know what you think about the future of e-vehicles in India.

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