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Electric Citroen e-C3 launch date specs and features

Electric Citroen e-C3 launch date specs and features

Stellantis’s Global CEO recently announced that they are soon to launch an all-electric Citroen C3. However, he did not reveal the exact dates but he teased about the same that sounds like the brand will launch the new all-electric Citroen C3 after 2023’s first month.

On the internet, it is also being talked about that the brand may launch its latest e-4-wheeler ahead of Auto Expo 2023. Undoubtedly, the brand is dropping the Tata Tiago EVs rival in the market, which can be a speed breaker in Tata’s sales.

Although, the company rolled out its first petrol car in India called C3 around 6 months ago. Now, after 6 months of observation and response from the Indian market, the brand is all set to launch its first-ever all-electric car in India. Now, the best part is, that Stellantis has become the first mass manufacturer that has developed and launched an EV variant of an ICE car and that too in a quite short time period. Certainly, the brand has developed the engine and specifications with very amazing technology. But still, there can be a scenario where the brand may get into trouble.

Citroen e-C3 Highlights-

  • 63kW Powerful Battery
  • MAX Torque 86hp & NM 143NM
  • The Citroen E-C3 will be a tough competitor of Tata Tiago

Citroen e-C3 Review-

So, if we talk about what can be a challenge for the brand to grip the Indian market? Probably, Citroen is giving much better and classy specs and features but the main thing that still popping into the heads is its price. Now, what does it mean by the price? So, as you all must be in the swim that Citroen is known for its class and comfort, and owning comfort is a bit expensive for not exactly everyone but almost everyone. Well, the big challenge for Citroen is, how to make this electric car budget friendly for Indians. Because Tata is already gripping the Indian market with its trust and budget-friendly price so that people can buy it, but in Citroen’s case it can be a challenge.

The global CEO of Stellantis, Carlos Tavares, in his statement said “Only affordability can create scale, and only then can it have a significant impact on the environment”. As the car gets a big battery of 30.2kWh, and as per a tipster the brand uses LFP cells from Chinese firm Svolt. Along with fast charging, it gets a 3.3kW onboard AC charger, and also be capable of CCS2 fast charging. CEO in another statement also said, “I would love to buy a battery from an Indian supplier. I am still looking for it. We have not found a source yet; it will happen in the next few years”.

Expected Price of Citroen e-C3

Now, when it comes to talking about its pricing so the brand has not opened up about this one but it can be assumed that it will be around between 10 to 12 Lakh. Now, as In the market Tata is already gripping Indian people. However, if the brand goes up then this price range certainly will have to face problems in the market. Stay connected to get more updates on automobile news and to know more newly launched cars.

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