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BMW Electric Scooter Launch is Planned in India

BMW Electric Scooter

BMW Motorrad is launching new vehicles to increase its motorcycle portfolio in India. The German brand aims to bring all motorcycles and scooters to the Indian market. Speaking about the BMW Electric scooters, we got a BMW C 400 GT maxi-scooter on our soil last year. Even with the sudden price of Rs 10 Lakhs, it generates good sales.

BMW Group India President Vikram Pawah said that BMW C 400 GT Maxi-scooter’s success in India had led them to believe that a strong demand exists for a premium product. BMW is now planning on launching its electric scooter in India. If all goes well, the CE 04 electric Maxi-scooter will be launched in India via the CBU route. This electric scooter is in sale in Europe currently, which is where it is manufactured. 

BMW Electric Scooter CE 04

One look at the BMW CE 04 electric scooter will shock you. It looks like it came directly out of a Cyberpunk movie that perhaps took place in 2200. BMW CE 04 has a long wheelbase with a low ground clearance which might be a method of disaster for Indian roads with very illogical and giant speed breakers.

BMW Electric Scooter

The front windshield, finished in funky orange, looks simply aesthetic and might not redirect any wind. The seats look very eye-catching and, very uncomfortable at the same time. The rider’s triangle seems pretty comfortable, though. Sticking with the maxi-styled design, it is not a step-through. Sticking with a maxi-styled design, it is not a step-through scooter as the central tunnel is stuffed with batteries.

Speaking of batteries, it has an 8.9 kWh battery pack which is more than twice as an Ola S1 Pro. This battery pack is basically one module out of 11 modules found on BMW’s iX electric SUVs. Instead of designing new EV components, BMW is reusing what they already have a mantra of parts sharing. The motor makes 42bhp and 62Nm and is precisely a 1/3rd section of the engine that powers the BMW X1 PHEV SUV. And also has a 10.25” horizontal score for the instrumentation, as we have seen on BMW cars.

Pricing and Launch

Other components include front 35mm telescopic front forks, rear off-set mono-shock mounted on a single-sided swingarm, single disc setup at the back and dual disc setup at the front with dual channel ABS, belt drive and more. It is capable of 120kph top speed and 130 km of range from a single charge and weighs a whopping 231kg.

A BMW electric scooter costs $11,795 (approx Rs. 9.50 Lakhs) for the base model and $14,180 (approx Rs 11.42 Lakhs) for the top-spec variant (both prices ex-showroom) in global markets. Going by import trends in India, we will get the top-spec variant, and due to Indian import taxes and duties, we can see a hefty price tag of Rs 15 laks to 18 lakh. You can buy an imported Hayabusa for that price in India. You can even buy the newly launched Tata Nexon and EV Max for this price.

If launched, BMW won’t be putting it for regular electronic vehicle buyers at all. This is for the uber-rich Indians that want to make a declaration with a niche product. Looking at it from that point of view, this is a complete gem as an exclusive collection in their garage. Because it seems like a concept vehicle that one can genuinely buy and doesn’t get better than that. For the mass market section, BMW plans to launch entry-level electric vehicles in association with TVS. But that will take some time.

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