Ather e-Scooters Are Likely To Get More Range, Bigger Battery

Ather e-Scooters Are Likely To Get More Range, Bigger Battery

Ather is working on an update for its popular e-scooter that is available in two trim levels- the 450 Plus and the 450X. The leaked type approval document reveals some sizable changes that include a larger battery pack promising more range. 

  1. Changes to the dimensions as well
  2. A larger 3.66kWh battery pack is 26% more
  3. The claimed range of 156km on the 450 Plus

Battery Pack Changes of the 2022 Ather 450

The battery pack is an important part of an electric scooter that controls nearly all of the mechanical and otherwise functions. After the key rivals, the Ola S1 Pro took the game forward, Bengaluru-based startup Ather is expected to launch the updated version of the 450 scooters with a substantially larger battery pack. Currently, the size of the battery pack found in the 450X is 2.9kWh, and according to the leaked documents, the updated battery pack will be 3.66kWh, which is a big jump. 

The existing motor is rated at 3.3kW/5.4kW (Nominal/Peak) for the 450 Plus and 3.3kWh/6kW for the 450X, while the updated scooter is rated at a 3.1kW/6.4kW for what is likely to be the 450X and 3.1kW/5.8kW for the 450 Plus. While more peak power is available, the nominal power output figure has gone somewhat down. Another caveat is that the peak power figures are different in each riding mode on offer. 

Currently, the 450X and the 450 Plus boast a claimed range of 116km and 100km, correspondingly, while the type approval document reveals a jump in the claimed range figures to 146km for the former and 108km for the latter. 

Dimensions changing of the 2022 Ather 450

There have been some changes to the dimensions of the scooter. For starters, the wheelbase now stands at 1,296mm, an increase of 9mm. The height, at 1,114mm, is an 11mm jump over the current figure of 1,103mm. The biggest change, moreover, comes in the form of a 25mm increase to the length of the scooter, which will now stand at 1,837mm. 

These changes are dimensions are quite possibly brought on by the need to accommodate the larger battery pack. Whether the scooter will get a visual update remains to be seen, as the design has remained the same since the launch. 

Rivals of the 2022 Ather 450

When it was launched in 2018, the Ather’s performance and price of the Ather put it in a class of its own. However, nearly four years later, the e- scooter market has been seen in the entrance of these new products that have moved the game on a little bit. 

Arguably the direct competitor to the Ather 450X is the Ola S1 Pro. While the Ola still has a long way to go when it comes to consistency and quality, there is no denying the popularity of the S1 Pro, thanks to its additional performance, features and range for a lower price. The recent Move OS 2 OTA update has enabled many of the originally promised features, although some will remain occupied. 

Another rival that has been carving out its niche is the TVS iQube. Recently updated with the two new variants offering a whole host of features, a real-world range of up to 140km and an easy-to-get-to-price tag, it is by no means something to be discounted. 

The updates on the Ola and TVS mean that the newer version of the Ather 450X does have its work cut out. The Ather 450X is also already the most expensive e-scooter on sale today. Considering that the battery is the most costly element of an EV, it remains to be seen how much price increase the updated models will carry. 

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